Changing Directory Name

Could somebody please tell me how to edit and change the name of a directory? I have tried and can not figure out how to do this. Thanks for the help in advance and I will be waiting for a reply. :music:

You should give an example how your directory-structure is now and to what you want to change it.

You would have to use an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY.
Field variables are allowed, naming rules for the underlying filesystem apply and have to be safeguarded by you.

Here is an example of how the directory looks: C:\Users\wayne-diane\Music\Steely_Dan-The_Very_Best_of-2CD-2009-ONe I would like to change the name to Very Best Of Steely Dan (Import) Please be precise and clear with your response as I am a relative newbie at this and I am learning as I go along. Thanks :music:


My apologies to you but you have gone way over my head as I am a relative newbie at this. I don't have any idea what you are speaking of. You will need to slow down and explain a little more thoroughly for me to understand. Here is what my directory looks like. C:\Users\wayne-diane\Music\Steely_Dan-The_Very_Best_of-2CD-2009-ONe I would like to change the name in it to Very Best Of Steely Dan (Import) If you would like to try again that would be great but if you don't want to I will understand that too.


battway :music:

I hope that you have the album field already filled with "Very Best Of Steely Dan (Import)".
Select a file from the directory "C:\Users\wayne-diane\Music\Steely_Dan-The_Very_Best_of-2CD-2009-ONe"

Now follow the instructions to create a new action as shown in the FAQs: /t/967/1.
As action type select "Format value".
As field select: _DIRECTORY
As format string enter: %album%

This will now name the current directory just as the data in the field ALBUM suggests.
As the directory is renamed, all files in the directory will also be moved to the new location.


That is exactly what I wanted to do and the instructs you gave me worked perfect. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but I have been busy and no time to try to do it.

Another prob I am having is making the albums show up as two cd's when they are brought into WMP.
The tracks are showing as 1 1, 2 2, 3 3, etc., etc. Some of my albums show as 2 separate albums and some don't. Unfortunately this is one that doesn't. Could you please tell me if there is a way to correct this? I know it doesn't really matter and I can select them individually but I like seeing them as 2 sep cd's. Guess I am a little OCD about this but I like things neat and tidy. LOL Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the previous help I really appreciate it.

battway :music:

P.S. I am sending you a shot of what the files look like in WMP. The files look good in th library.

Tracks get grouped by albumartist, album and then tracknumber.
So, if the player should treat these as separate things then they have to be distinguishable somehow.
So, I would guess this has to be either the album or the tracknumber.
One way out would be: rename the album and add the CD number to the name of the album.
Or: you modify the tracknumber.
This could be done either with the track numbering wizard which would create a sequence of tracknumbers.
Or you keep the original number but add the discnumber as prefix to the tracknumber.
Track 1, CD 1 would become 101, track 2 102 and so on. Track 1 of cd 2 would become 201, then 202 and so on.
It is your choice. But you have to do something to get unique data.


Thanks once again. The tracks were numbered as you said so I changed the album names to cd 1 & cd 2 and it worked great. No more questions for now but I'm sure more will arise. lol :music:

Thanks Again,