Changing Directory Name

Could you please tell me how to change a directory name? My problem is the album is showing up in my music library as the album name and not the artists name. This is the only one that does this and I would like to change this. Here is what the directory name looks like now; C:\Users\wayne-diane\Music\Privateering Please advise me as to what I need to do. Thanks

It does not look like a problem to me - the album appears with the album name...

Which tags have you filled?

If you have not filled any tags, you should import them with Convert>Filename-Tag.
And having the tags filled it could well be that the files appear at the correct place. Or we could start with the renaming with the tag data.
Or what are we talking about?

I have all the tags you mentioned filled. I am not the expert on all this tagging stuff and don't really understand what it is all about. I wish I did understand it better but i really don't.

What I was trying to say was that in the Music Library itself, the album came in with the name of the album and not the artist name. All the other music in the library is listed by the artists name and not the album name. Anyway, I guess I've solved my problem by renaming it in the Music Library from the album name to the artists name.

I don't know if this is the correct thing to do, or how long it will last, or much else about this but it seems to working for now.

My apologies for being sort of ignorant on this whole matter and hope I haven't just wasted your time. I don't use MP3TAG that much and that is probably the problem. If I used it more I would get to know it.

Thanks for the help and have a good one.

If you add tags to a file you add metadata that stays with the file instead of being burried in the local file system - and as soon as you move the file, it appears in a different context and all the retrieval information is lost.

It would have been interesting to see the actual case: what do the extended tags say? What does the path look like? What does the library program show?
Without this information it is very hard to diagnose.
Also, it would have been interesting to see in what respect this album differs from other albums that appear in the correct place.

And what I do not understand: what did you rename? The ALBUM field or the folder name?

I have looked at other music albums and compared them to the one that i wanted to change and everything looks the same. I renamed the Folder in the Music Library and it seems to have worked so I guess I will just leave well enough alone. If there's anything I can send to you that you want to look at let me know and I will try to get it for you. As I said, I am no expert on this stuff but I will give it a shot.

To show us the filled fields, you could include a list of them or a screendump of the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T).
Also, the folder structure would be nice, starting at the folder which contains all the music files (so you can leave out the user-identification bit).
And a hint which is the good and which is the bad album would be helpful.

I think we both know that electronic data processing is - to most people's annoyance - rather stupid and and never does "what I mean". So I hope, we find the reason why this album is the odd one out.

And a completely different thought: it could be that your library program does not update the entries straight away so that you did not see the changes. Only after you renamed the folder, it re-read the files and updated the library information ...