Changing Double Quotes In Title to Single Quote In Filename

Try as I may I cannot sort out how to convert the existing Double Quotes in a Title to Single Quotes in the Filename.
For example:
If the Title is:
My Generation [Live On "The Smothers Brothers Show"]

  • I would like the Filename end up being:
    My Generation [Live On 'The Smothers Brothers Show']
    I suppose another way to ask this is: How to I convert A Quotation Mark in the Title to An Apostrophe in the Filename?

Thanks In Advance for any help.

I get around that problem by using two single quotes instead of a double-quote.

It looks the same and you don't have to worry about conversion to the filename.

Thanks. I have tried that. But I am looking for a solution that, if possible, does not first require converting Double Quotes to Single Quotes. I need to preserve the Double Quotes in the Title.
At present, I do the following:
Export all Titles to text file.
Then Replace all Double Quotes with Single Quotes in Titles.
Then Tag to Filename.
Then restore original Titles with Double Quotes with Convert Text File To Tag.
It is effective and preserves all the original Title information.
But if there is some Action which exists to directly and globally convert Double Quotes in the Title to Single Quotes (Apostrophe) in the Filename it would save a few steps.

Do you know the Mp3tag scripting functions?
Try it out ...

$replace(%TITLE%,'"','') $replace(%TITLE%,$char(34),$char(39))

Use such an scripting expression to build the proper filename from tag fields.


When you create the filenames, use instead this expression of plain %title%:

@DetlevD @ohrenkino
I had never before had the need to learn about Replace Scripting Functions in Tag > Filename.
Thank You So Very Much for explaining this.
Works perfectly.
Now I that better understand, these Scripting functions will be fun to experiment with and useful in other ways.
And further to this, a follow up question:
Is is possible to add a second Replace Scripting Function to that?
For example, if I also want to change "/" in Title to "-" in Filename (without using validate), can this second function be added to the original Quotes change and, if so, how?
I have gone here:

  • trying to figure it out but without success. All my experiments end up with a 'SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING' error.
    How is adding a second Replace Scripting Function properly done?
    Thank Again.

See Mp3tag main menu item "Actions", then create a new Action Group.
Take this example and try it out.

Begin Action Group 20131118.Estlin.Replace

Action #1
Actiontype 5: Format value
Field ______: TEST_0
Formatstring: 'This is a "test" 1\2\3.'

Action #2
Actiontype 5: Format value
Field ______: TEST_1
Formatstring: $replace(%TEST_0%,'"','')

Action #3
Actiontype 5: Format value
Field ______: TEST_2
Formatstring: $replace(%TEST_0%,'<!--colorc-->','-')

Action #4
Actiontype 5: Format value
Field ______: TEST_3
Formatstring: $replace(%TEST_0%,'"','','<!--colorc-->','-')

End Action Group 20131118.Estlin.Replace (4 Actions)


Thank You Once again.
This is so very helpful.