Changing File names when Freedb inoperable


When I rip CD's sometimes Freedb is not working (tried different sites) sometimes Freedb does not have the tracks and titles to bring into MP3Tag.

So I rip and get the track number and name (as track number) for each song.

Is there a way to bring in all correct file names (if I can get a list of tracks and names from another source) at once without typing in each track name or pasting in each track name one by one?

It seems to me if I can generate a cue sheet somehow Mp3tag might be able to utilize it.

I have read all your posts and this is not entered.

If Mp3tag cannot do this, is there a "filename changer" wherein I can make a list of filenames in a particular album and paste in the info from the cuesheet.



Hi dornay!

You can use the import tags via the converter Taglist-file - Tag.

You can also try the new web sources feature, which uses other sites than freedb to query album information.

Best regards,
~ Florian