Changing filename according to extension

how do i change filenames differently depending on extension?

suppose i have mp3 and opus files together

i want to change the file name of the mp3 files to
E:\Music\Mp3%albumartist%%album%%albumartist% - %title%

and the opus files to
E:\Music\Opus%albumartist%%album%%albumartist% - %title%

is it possible without using filters?



E:\Music\%extension%\%albumartist%\%album%\%albumartist% - %title%


but what if i want to put the mp3 files in a folder called just E:\Music ?

let me rephrase this. i shouldve asked this in the beginning

i want to move mp3 files into E:\Music%albumartist%%album%%albumartist% - %title%

and my opus files into E:\Songs\Opus%albumartist%%album%%albumartist% - %title%

how do i do it all at once? sorry for any confusion

$replace($lower(%extension%),opus,E:\Songs\Opus,mp3,E:\Music)\%albumartist%\%album%\%albumartist% - %title%

for some reason it didnt work : (

Did you check the preview for each file type? (It worked over here ...)

do i have to input this into Convert > Tag - Filename
or should i use Format Value - _FILENAME ?

That should be the same, really.
But the Converter shows you a preview first. When you are sure that you have the right expression, then you can use the format value action.

the preview says the file already exists for some reason

The file "E:\TEST\Eternal Grey$uicideBoy$\Eternal Grey$uicideBoy$ - BREAKDALAW2K16 (feat. Pouya).mp3" already exists.
File "E:\TEST\Eternal Grey$uicideBoy$\Eternal Grey$uicideBoy$ - BREAKDALAW2K16 (feat. Pouya).mp3" has not been renamed.

when i input into convert > tag - filename

I don't know how you end up in a folder called e:\test when the leading part of the filename gets set to e:\music
Could you show me a screendump of what you enter?

i made a folder called E:\Royden\TEST to test this out

for the files in there i enter
$replace($lower(%extension%),opus,E:\Royden\Songs\Songs - Opus,mp3,E:\Royden\Music)%albumartist%%album%%albumartist% - %title%

This, again, does not match what you wrote previously,
First it is

now it is

So, I think a screendump of the real application of the format string would be helpful in the Converter as that shows the preview.

sorry for making things confusing. would you like a screenshot of the convert window?

yes, please.
What I cannot rectify: renaming a file to a filename that already exists will always lead to an error that this could not be done.

can i get back to you tomorrow? it is getting late for me. thanks for helping me today

Sorry, I had the wrong variable name: this should work:
$replace($lower(%_extension%),opus,E:\Songs\Opus,mp3,E:\Music)\%albumartist%\%album%\%albumartist% - %title%

bro thank you so much for taking your time and bearing with me to answer my question. it worked. thanks a lot!

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