Changing FILENAME of a deleted file is allowed when changing TITLE is already forbidden

A simple test to perform

1] Load up a file to Mp3ag

2] Delete it from the drive but not via the Mp3tag, but with some other software

3] Go to Mp3tag and select that file

4] Try to change the TITLE by going to Tag Panel

5] Then try to change the _FILENAME by going to to the list of files

What happens?

Mp3tag takes notice of the file being absent only in a half-way. Because all tags are wiped clean, as the software has no file to read from; but the user is still allowed to "change" the _FILENAME, because the software does not change if the file is still there

I understand that Mp3tag on purpose might not check if the file is still there when the user performs only selection- but when changing the name of the file it should do. Right now the software lies to the user about how the file is named / that the file is still there. When trying to save data in tag fields of the deleted file it spits out a proper info in form of a pup-up box - but it does not do the same thing for _FILENAME of a missing file

Thanks for pointing. Mp3tag v2.99b shows an error message at renaming now if the file is not available anymore.

That certainly checks out