Changing numbers 1-9 to 01-09

I wanted to change my album titles from:

Coast To Coast AM Aug 2 2010


Coast To Coast AM Aug 02 2010

I've done this by using Replace, i.e:

Replace "ALBUM": "2" -> " 02 "

I'm sure there is a muck quicker way to do this for all numbers 1-9. Have tried various ways including

$num([1-9],2) in a format value

Can't figure out where i'm going wrong!

Any help appreciated.

Steve 45

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Field: ALBUM
Regular expression: " (\d) "
Replace matches with: " 0$1 "
(without quotes)

Action type:Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression:" (\d) "
Replace matches with:" 0$1 "

Many Thanks!

I had tried

Regular expression:" (\d) "

But I was then unsure about what to use for the replace matches!