Changing single character


I need to change some language special characters in tags and filenames to standard ASCII characters automatically. Is there any possibility to set that for example "á" should be everytime changed to "a"? I have used software (File Sorting Utility) which had simple table in Preferences with these settings and when I downloaded some files it changed tags this way using button "Fix ID". But it is unsupported and it has some other bugs so I decided to use MP3tag.


Well, you could you use Replace actions, but you would have to enter each character manually.


Ooops, it's not so sufficient solution. Can you imagine that you repeat this task for about 12 letters (or 24 if it differentiates capitals) everytime you download album of your domestic artist?


I didn't say you have to do it for each song. You only have to create one action set once and then run the action whenever needed.