Changing tag and file directory based of filename with just actions

Hi! I'm new please don't rage due to my lack of knowledge

The filenames of the files i want to edit are like this:

I would like to change it to:

Disturbed - The Light



The Light

C:\Users\Finu\Videos\New Music Videos\%artist% - %title%

So the steps i want to take are:
In the Filename Replace "_" with " "
In the Filename Change to mixed case
In the Filename Remove " ( blah blah)"
In the Filename Remove " [ blah blah]"

                 remove everything inside () or [], the smybols ()[] and the space before ( or [

Pick the info and tag the fields based on the filename: %albumartist% - %title%
Make %albumartist% = %artist%
Move the files to C:\Users\Finu\Videos\New Music Videos\%artist% - %title%

Please help me with what your know! Doesn't matter if you only know one of the tasks, just post it!! :slight_smile: really need some help o this

I won't help you with the tasks yet, just to define what you want.

Do you really want both ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST if they are the same? It depends on how the display in your player is set up. I have to avoid the situation, but you may not have to.

Do you really want a separate directory for each track? Or is that just the full path of the file without the extension?

Get data from filenames:
Action of the type "Guess values" for %filename%
Guessing pattern: %artist%

2 actions of the type "Replace", one for ARTIST, one for TITLE:
Search string: _
Replace string:
(a space character)

an action to remove the stuff in [:
Replace with regular expression for TITLE
Search string: [.$
Replace string:
(leave empty)
a similar action for (:
Search string: (.

Change case for ARTIST:
Format value for ARTIST
Format string $caps(%artist%)

Action of the type "Format value" for ALBUMARTIST
Format string: %artist%

Move the files to C:\Users\Finu\Videos\New Music Videos\%artist% - %title%
Format value for _FILENAME
Format string: C:\Users\Finu\Videos\New Music Videos\%artist% - %title%
(this changes the filename and moves the file to the new location in one go)

Yep! Need it just for the music videos xD.
It is the full patch :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thank you so much for your help!