Changing tags in thousands of files

Hello everyone. I have a need to be able to change the RATING tag on several thousand files to another tag (ROONTRACKTAG) because the software I'm using (Roon) only imports and displays this particular tag in their GUI. Is there a way to automate this task within Mp3Tag?

Thank you.

You could do it with the Convert Tag->Tag

Please see details here:

According to your infos it should work like this:

Please test it first with a few (backed up) tracks and double check if these tracks works fine in Roon.

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Thank you very much for this! That's exactly what I'm looking for.

Ok, if I may ask a follow up question; currently the values in my RATING tags are from 50 - 100. Is there a way to change those to stars with some logic? For example, I'd like to say If value = 50 OR 60 THEN replace with ★★★, and if value = 70 OR 80 THEN replace with ★★★★ and so on.

Thanks again.

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Please have a look at the many already existing topics about "star rating" or "popularimeter".

Let us know if you can't find any working solution (with some more information about what steps you’ve already tried and what exactly doesn't work for you - maybe with some real examples).

I got it!

Thank you very much for your help!

I doubt that this set of actions will work in the expected way if "10" is replaced before "100" is.
I think it will lead to ratings that originally had the value "100" to look like "*0 as the "10" in "100" will be replaced with a star.
The action for "100" should be the first one and on top.

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In addition to @ohrenkino's advice to put the replace "100" with "*****" at the first position
(just move the last line up to the first position with the up-arrow above the Help-Button):

Please remember that you can not revert this stars back to the original number values.
There is no way to distinct between 1 star for "10" or 1 star for "20".
But as long as you keep your RATING tag, you still have the original values in your files.

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Thank you, guys! Much appreciated!

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