Changing the file name

Hello Guys,

I'm fairly new to mp3tag. So i've got a little question.

I want to change a filename like this:

【Deep House】Lauv - The Other (Ghosts Remix)

to this:

Lauv - The Other (Ghosts Remix)

The problem is that i have many different genres and i dont want to create every single genre in a single action.

Is there a way to delete the whole brace in one action?

What have you got in the tag fields?
If they are filled the way you like it, rename the files from the tags with the function
Convert>Tag-Filename and probably this pattern:
%artist% - %title%

If you have nothing or not all the information from the filename in one of the tag fields, I would save the data in the fields first and then rename the files.
Use Convert>Filename - Tag
'['%genre%']'%artist% - %title%

Thank you so much. Mp3Tag is a really powerfull tool.

Danke dir. :slight_smile: