Changing the format string


Recently I converted a batch of my Sampler CDs to mp3. All those CDs stick to the general naming pattern %artist% - %album% -%track% - %title%. As I said, they are collections of many artists, so my filenames begins with Various - %album% -%track% - %title%. The actual title consists of artist and title seperated by a dash.

I had a first run on them them which filled me all tags resulting in the artist "Various" and the combined title.

After having a brief look at the on-board documentation and the FAQ, I found that was possible changing the formating string for the converter. It is not explained how to change the settings for the format string.

As I am having many tracks (some 400), I am wondering if there was a more efficient way to split the title tag than sweeping it manually.

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You can enter almost any string into the input box for the converter filename - tag.
So fi your tracks follow the pattern
Various - %album% -%track% - %title%

And the last part ist also separated by a - then enter
Various - %album% -%track% - %artist% - %title%
Or, probably better:
%albumartist% - %album% -%track% - %artist% - %title%

The preview in the converter dialogue should guide you.

In general about the naming of compilation files: if you really have a player that still does not look at the tags but uses the filename to sort it would be much closer to the original if your named your files in this pattern:
%album% _ $num(%track%,3) _ %artist% _ %title%
As, usually, it is more important to have all the tracks of one complilation grouped together and then sorted by the sequence number. And for that purpose you can easily leave out the "various" bit as it does not make any difference but clogs up the display.


thanks for the general information :slight_smile: . My concern is basically how to change that format string for the converter?



WHich one? Tag-Filename or filename-tag?

You simply enter the string when you call the respective converter.

Hello ohrenkino,

thanks for tip regarding the converter. I have Mp3tag just a few days installed therefore I did not much know about the programme.

I apologize myself for being unpolitely.

Kindest regards for your help,