Changing to Google Chrome Browser

I have just changed over to google chrome as my browser. Now, when I am accessing my songs, and I right click to play, I get a "operating system not granting access" message.

Why is this? Is the fix to just use Internet Explorer? Or, is the problem with my Chrome settings?

Here is a screenshot of the error message-image

If the OS denies access then check the ownership of the files - being admin is usually not enough.
MP3tag uses the default player to play a file.
You can set a special program in

I'm not sure how to check my files to see that I am admin or not?
All I know is that your program worked fine for me when I was using Internet Explorer.
I also went into mp3tag under tools/options/tools and I get this box- see below- how can I get my music to play??!!

As I said

You can add a column in the explorer to see who the owner of the files and folders is.
What I find more peculiar: are really playing your files with a network browser? I would expect that to be done with a dedicated player ...
it could be that the chrome browser expects local file paths in the shape of file:// which the internet explorer may have emulated ...
So you would have to define a tool that calls the chrome browser with the parameters, e.g.

I also found this page on security issues with chrome:
(external page)
So it seems to be a chrome problem and not so much one of local access rights and ownership.

Thank you ohrenkino- you touched on something I hadn't thought about. My default music player is Windows Media Player, and they had an update to version 12, that I got. Now my music plays!