; Changing to \\ without my concent

Something in Mp3tag is causing ; to change to \\.

I have tested using all the automatic actions and nothing causes this. This issue also does not happen to all my music. What happens is that it changes ; to \\ on the Artist and Album artist field as well as my custom Vocals field. In the Artist and Album Artist field it only changes ; to \\ but in the vocals field it changes, to give an example "Mei Ayakura; Tsubaki Ichimatsu" to "Mei Ayakura" completely removing the ; and anything after it.

I do not want Mp3tag changing my tags on its own. I do not know why but I did not ask it to do this. It only changes some albums but not all. I went through and changed all the \\ back to ; but recently found out that everything that I changed went back to \\ again.

This issue is driving me crazy and any help would be appreciated.

After going back and forth between my media player, MusicBee, and Mp3tag trying to duplicate this issue. I figured out that MusicBee is causing an issue when for some reason it splits the fields when I never told it to. It looks to be some kind of bug with MusicBee.

EDIT: it looks like there is a bug in Mp3tagger. It is not showing the \\ as a field separator in the custom field I made %VOCALS%. However, it does show that there are two separate fields for Vocals.


Double backslashes ("\\") are Mp3Tag's method of displaying multiple values for a tag. The same file opened in say foobar2000 will display the identical tag separated with the semi-colon character (";"). I've never had an issue with Mp3Tag's handling of multi-value tags and the values have correctly displayed in all other music file readers I've used.