Changing Track Number based on Addition

Dear all,

for audio books, I would like to do renumber the tracks.

e.g. CD1 Tracks 1-14
CD2 Tracks 1-17

But as they are now on a harddrive I would like to renumber CD2 to be %track% + 14 so that it becomes 15-31. I tried $add(%track%,14). A solution would be to load a textfile but I don't really want to go there.

Thank you very much in advance ,

Have you tried the track-numbering wizard?
If you switch off the "Reset for each folder" all files will be treated like one sequence.

As MP3tag does not know anything about albums it is not possible to use one file as the starting value for a sequence.
You can, though, renumber the files in an eacion with the %counter% variable.