character case in replace action


Hi, just discovered something....

Have an action wich searches for certain words with spaces (f.e. " the ") and replaces them with, seemingly the same, but lowercase variant of the word:

1= the
2= the

This action code used to find all the occoourences of word " the " (" the ", " The ", " THE ", " THe ", " ThE ", " tHE ", " tHe " and " thE ") and convert it to " the " variant.

Now, with version 2.38a, this action does not change anything (" The " remains " The ").

Is this a bug or has something changed in the settings that affected the behaviour of this action (and I was so lame not to notice it)?

_ALL_conversion.mta (631 Bytes)


_ALL_conversion.mta (631 Bytes)


I'm not sure if that worked before. But I suggest to use this action (sorry, I don't know the exact words in english :blush: )

Aktionstyp: Ersetzen mit regulären Ausdrücken
Feld: _ALL
Regulärer Ausdruck: (?i)the
Treffer ersetzen durch:The

[ ] Groß-/Kleinschreibung berücksichtigen

This regular expression will use the case-insensitive word "the" (in every variation) and replace it with the one and only "The" in every tag.