Character empty/null/nil (emptiness)

Hello people good night.
Is there any character in mp3tag that represents emptiness (null/no value/deleted)?
For example, something like \n \e ?
In REPLACE, search, and other operations, instead of representing "no space" (or ,,) I would use this character.
Ex: $replace(%artist%,,"Frank Sinatra") => $replace(%artist%,\e,"Frank Sinatra")

You can filter for files that do not have any data in a particular field with e.g.
%artist% MISSING

As there are no "empty" fields as fields with no data are simply not present in a tag, you can save the step to compare whether there is nothing and then set it and set the data straight away with an action of the type "Format value" for that field, in your case
Format value for ARTIST
Format string: Frank Sinatra


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