Character Length has shrunk

Hi, I had MP3 Tag installed prior to the last update and all was well. However on using the latest update I find that my Title column refuses to allow any title over 30 characters and it truncates the title. I've extended the size of the column and that was no good and I can type it in by hand but as soon as I click anywhere else the characters I typed in vanish.

I noticed there was a thread regarding making the column wider and it involved pressing Ctrl NumLock + but it does nothing to the column. I've scoured the options and headings, but can't find a remedy so I can only assume it's a bug in the latest version. I did try returning to the previous version, but the fault moved with it. I also tried copying it back into the filename and although it was OK there to start with, on copying it back it truncates there as well. I hope you can understand my explanation, I'm not the best at the special characters. Stu

You probably hace changed your use of the ID3Tag-type to ID3V1 which is restricted to a length of 30 characters.

Go to
Tools -> Options -> Tags -> MPEG
and change the settings in Read and Write to ID3V2

Please check your settings for writing tags in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg
I suspect that you only write V1 tags - as they have a length restriction.

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Thanks for the response, I ended up completely uninstalling MP3Tag and then installed the previous version and it worked well. I have no idea why it would suddenly start operating in a different tag version, but hey, with Windows 10 anything's possible. Everything is working as it did prior to the update so I'll leave well enough alone and not accept any more updates. Like Windows 10, it's better to not to allow updates if everything is working. It's their updates which ruin the system as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again for the info, much appreciated.

Usually, MP3tag updates fix real bugs or bring improvements or enhancements.
Esp. in this case, where the problem could easily be solved with just a click of the mouse, I would still update the program.
And if you have problems, do not be too shy to ask for assistance.

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If it is some minor piece of software like an audio converter and it is working good enough- I do not update. Well too often it was a case when after an update it simply stopped working and started malfunctioning

But as I use Mp3tg on a daily basis- I update it

But any updates [or new software for that matter] I install first for something like at least a month, to see if it will be working and how. And then I restore my OS from an image to a stare without it, apply the various listed changes and make another copy of my whole system [and not with a Windows based tool]