Character replacement in output folders

When tagging is finished, I use an action to rename the folder containing the audio files according to "artist - album" mode. The problem arises when certain characters (in my case the character ":") cannot be used in folder names. Is it possible to automatically replace ":" by (for example) ";" when renaming the folder? Example: I have an album of the artist "Dexter Gordon" titled "Homecoming: Live At The Village Vanguard". How can I replace the ":" with ";" in the output folder name i.e how can I name the containing folder as "Dexter Gordon - Homecoming; Live At The Village Vanguard"?

You can use

$validate(%artist% - %album%,;)

as format string (more description can be found at Mp3tag Help – Scripting Functions.

Kind regards
– Florian

Thanks a lot! It worked just fine!!