Charakters in HTML-file


Hi Florian and all members of the Forum.

You have Good work done with the latest version.

Now I've a question about special charakters to html.
Is there a limit with these charakters, like ó, á, é and & in the html filename.
The html-files are good created (local), Most of them are on the server (I can see),
only files with these charakters are not correct (they are stil there, not all of them).

Like this....
Gato Barbieri - Che Corazón
Gato Barbieri - Qué Pasa
Joe Sample & David T. Walker - Swing Street Café
St Germain - Des Prés Café 1
St Germain - Des Prés Café 2

When this is a problem with these charakters I shall these replaced with the $replace string in the export html file.

Best regards,


Hi Billy,

as I understand you want to load your html files from a web server. In this case you shouldn't use any special characters at all and replace spaces with underscores. Otherwise you'll run into problems with different browsers, webservers, linking the files, etc.



Thanks Vitamin for your support.
75% of all the files are correct. The server is my isp account.
I thought it also.

Now I'm thinking about only numbers in the file-name.
Like this....
Gato Barbieri - Che Corazón.html >> yeartotaltrackstotaltime.html
viewing 1981124810.html.
These code are unique (pro album and it is a very short filename).
I get to brainstorm to rebuild my 2 export presets files.