Check for 'cover.jpg' in the same folder

Hi guys, I'm writting here afer hard struggling my head against this...

I store each album's music files in a separate folder, with a file called 'cover.jpg' inside it which contains the cover art (surprise!). This is useful for most players, and helps me automate embedding the art if needed for itunes or so in a fast way.

The problem is that sometimes I miss that file and, with more than 5000 albums (some ripped from my own collection) it would be nice to be able to check the "existence of a file called 'cover.jpg' in the same folder of the music file"

Currently the best way I found is embedding the art just to the first track of each album and look for Mp3tag's errors when that file is missing. Something like:


With more than 5000 files to deal with whenever I make the test as I add more albums (along their mirror) this is a bit frustrating, since it needs to update around 80GB of info (FLAC here!)

Any ideas for checking if the cover exists without embedding? Thanks in advance