Check/verify artist tags to musicbrainz


My collection of 12,000 mp3s are immaculately tagged almost to the point of OCD! :smiley:
However... i've just started using kodi and a lot of the scrapers used by the software lookup data such as bio, thumbs etc. from musicbrainz. My artist tags are already of a very high quality and i have synced a lot of the obscure artist names with those on but what i would like to do is run some sort of automated tool to see if any of my artist names do not tally up with musicbrainz - and if so either it corrects or i correct manually.

Looking up each artist manually is not an option! :wink:

Does such a tool exist?


Maybe Picard from Musicbrainz?

Actually i downloaded that when i posted, its open in the background but i havent got a clue what im doing with it. Do you know the process or even if it can correct my artists?

How to Tag Files:

For more help, you should ask in their own forum:

Ok i already read all the information you quoted there but thanks anyway.

So do you know if picard can do it? You seem to be referring me to ask the question on the picard forum

Yes, I know that Picard can do what you want (I use it myself too).

But this Mp3tag-Forum is not the right place to ask for specific questions about this other program :wink:

If you have invested a lot of time in tagging I wouldn't let my collection be spoiled by any external source. And it is very likely that Musicbrainz and their tag database have numerous artists and albums and tracks that vary from your standard. You would loose that standard if you surrender to Musicbrainz' tagging.