Checkboxes at 'Filename - Tag'


I just downloaded 2.17 and notice the checkboxes are missing when converting filename to tag !! :flushed:

[2003-12-16] CHG: removed checkboxes for preview at 'Filename - Tag' and

               'Taglist-File - Tag'

but why remove this?
how am i gonna choose which tags i want and wich i don't? I really liked the checkboxes!
Allthough i like the %title% vars I will revert to using 2.16.
what a shame :frowning:


hi jurgen
u can still choose what tags u want to write
if u dont want a tag to be written, u write %dummy% instead of the normal placehodler,
%dummy%-%title% would only write information to the title field



god, I really don't like how its implemented now! :frowning:
also the preview text is very confusing for a quick check,

it say's

track: 01
artist: Michael Jackson
title: Beat It

it not even alligned, so its very hard to tell a in quick glance if every thing is allright.