Checking for Typos / editing Fields


I am extremely pleased with Mp3tag, which marries up very well with Poweramp to play my Music Collection.

There are about 600 Classical CDs in the collection, and they're stored on an SD card on my phone. To get everything into Mp3tag has been good fun, a labour of love even, but now I think I've everything where I want it, and displaying in the manner I want to see it, whether on my mobile, or in my car via Android Auto.

I do suffer from OCD, so I'm constantly looking out for any minor glitches, spelling mistakes, extended or shortened gaps etc.

The other evening, while playing something in bed, I noticed that, in the Title field I must have spelt the details of one track incorrectly - perhaps I'd put 'Alegretto', when it should be 'Allegretto' - no biggie in the scheme of things, but annoying to me. I vowed to correct it the next morning, but then forgot which track of which CD it was!

Are there ways that I can inspect, say, every entry in the Title Field, or Genre, or whichever in one go, so that I could more easily locate an error such as I've described. Equally, in the Genre Field, say I wanted to make a global change from 'Piano Solo' to simply 'Piano', what would be the simplest, and most expedient way to achieve this?

Many thanks, in anticipation.

Use a filter to reduce the number of treated files with e.g.
%title% HAS Alegretto
then select all files and use an action (quick) of the type "Replace" to replace "Alegretto" with "Allegretto"

Many thanks! The problem is that I can't recall what the typo was, so couldn't select it as above. Would there be a way to deal with, say just 50 CDs at a time, and examine their Title Field, where hopefully I could spot the odd error?

I've had some luck sorting the collection by artist or by title. Scrolling through the list can make an error stand out, especially when there are multiples. This also helps finding the odd leading-space issue. I'm sure that there are better ways to do it. Thought that something simple as this could help you address the need for consistency.

Thanks for your advice, Simplicity is often the best way forward, I find.

What I would, however, like to do, and another helpful forum-member helped me accomplished something similar a while back, is to make a global change, which would obviously be tedious to do individually, and so I'm looking for some similar 'batch' process.

Originally, in the Genre Field, I would use the following system where music for piano is concerned:
I have: Piano Concertos - Piano Duet / Two Pianos - Piano Jazz - Piano Quartets - Piano Quintets - Piano Solo - Piano Trios

What I now want to do is change the name of the 'Piano Solo' field just to Piano, which I know could be a click of the mouse, but a nightmare if I get it wrong!

Any help gratefully received. Thanks!

You can load a fairly huge number of tracks in one go. With the library switched on, 200,000 tracks should be possible.
You could create a set of actions, grouped together in an action group, that sets a certain string if parts of another string are found in a field.
There is no spell-check available.

My simplistic mind would sort on genre, highlight the files with 'Piano Solo' and in the tag panel edit the genre field, and press Ctrl-S.

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I've just tried it with a single CD, and it works fine, thanks. But now can I automate the process so that every CD that had a 'Piano Solo' entry can be simultaneously changed to 'Piano'. I know which of the CDs have a @piano Solo' entry in the Genre field (because Poweramp has already sorted them accordingly. Should I just select all of these?

Load all of the tracks.
Click on the header of the genre field to sort by genre.
Scroll with your mouse till you get to 'Piano Solo'.
Highlight that track.
Scroll with your mouse till you get to the last 'Piano Solo' track.
Hold down the shift key and click that track.
All of the tracks between the two tracks will be highlighted.
Edit the genre in the left tag panel.
Press Ctrl-S to save.

You could also filter at the bottom of the list (without bothering to sort) and then select & edit & save.

You could also create an Action to replace 'Piano Solo' with 'Piano'.

Many thanks indeed for all your help! Things are going well, now, even if it might not have been as quick as creating an Action, though I tend to be happier doing what I feel more comfortable with! :grinning: