Checking if multiple fields are trimmed

For a long time I've been using specific filters to check to see if the relevant fields have NO leading or trailing spaces, ie. are trimmed.

For example, this checks the "Album" tag:

"$if($eql(%album%,$trim(%album%)),1,0)" IS "0"

This works, but I would need a whole series of filters to check every other ID3v2 tag for a series of MP3 files - info like Artist, Title, Genre, Composer, etc, etc.

What I want to know is: is there a way of checking ANY text string field for the same "trim" conditions (as the above example for "Album") but for ALL such fields, in one filter?

I know you ask for a filter. But what do you think about this action with the following content:
Format Value

Field: ALBUM
Format String: $trim(%album%)


and for every other field I want to trim. This not only SHOW such fields, it cleans them in one single step.

If there is a possibility to trim ALL fields, then you should be careful with fields like COMMENT or UNSYNCEDLYRICS or any other field that could contain data with leading or trailing space which are correct.

I thought of doing that, but I'd already committed the files to DVD+R as it was.

I typed in a series of filters to check every possible field and they all seem fine, but I'm thinking about a single filter for future changes. But if it's not possible, I am willing to create a series of filters that I can then scroll down with the mouse wheel and see if any MP3 files pop up on screen because they don't match.

Besides, you said yourself that imposing Trim was not a good idea in your last paragraph as some tags would best be left alone.

TRIM as command in an action is OK, but I would never use it on ALL id3 tags.
Actually, I use TRIM only for this tags: ALBUM, ARTIST, TITLE, YEAR, GENRE and COMMENT.
I don't use it for fingerprinting tags, my custom tags, MusicBrainz tags and especially not in UNSYNCEDLYRICS. :wink:

Also on ALBUM ARTIST and COMPOSER :wink:

Created a whole bunch of filters to check every single field for trims as discussed above, and tested them successfully by copying a small bunch of files and deliberately inserting spaces into the tags of said files and using the filters on them.

It's very easy to cycle through all the filters with the mouse wheel, so no need for a single filter for all, after all :wink:

Thanks all the same.