Checking the existence of a podcast folder

I store folder names for my mp3 albums in small .mp3 files (long story). I want to validate these names against the actual folders (which are on multiple drives). My first thought was to run the following export config against the list of small .mp3's:

echo off
chcp 1254$loop(%_folderpath%)
IF NOT EXIST "%drive%%_filename%" echo %_filename% MISSING$loopend()

Unfortunately the chcp command doesn't work with IF NOT EXISTS so non-ASCII characters in folder names show up as errors (lots of them).

Any thoughts on how I might go about this task?

I am not sure what you want to compare.
If you want to test if the data in e.g. %album% is matched by the folder name (or parts of the path), then you can check that per file.

To find folders without such a file might be done with 2 steps:
first a dir command that lists the existing files to a file
second a dir command that lists all folders to a file
You then sort by the name and get a list that shows the gaps.

Write the .bat or .cmd file encoded as ANSI, then try again.
After switching to CP1254 you may try the function $ansi(%_filename%)


Coding in ANSI did the trick! Thanks a bunch. You guys (gals?) are great.