Chinese characters in mp3's not displayed-wma ok

Hi, I'm trying to find an audio tag editor that displays Chinese mp3 tag fields correctly.

¶ÔÄãÓиоõ is the title for one mp3 downloaded from a Chinese site via baidu.
Similarly the artist and album fields are not shown as Chinese characters.

I have East Asian language support on XP Pro SP2 installed, & the titles, album, artist fields in Chinese wma files are fine. (The filenames are, of course, displayed correctly with Chinese characters).

I have the same problem with Roxio's Edit tag feature.

(No problem with English mp3's).

I've searched the forum - ideas welcome!

Example attached. (Well, I tried, but it was rejected as too big- normal song)

Thanks, David L.

You can use an action "Convert Codepage" to convert to unicode. You must select a chinese codepage there.