Chronology with more than one album per year

I guess this is a newbie question but after hours of googling - I'm still stuck.

I'm using Ipeng 8, Squeezebox Receiver and Logitech Media Server for playback of my collection.

On FLAC files I have tried to add a month after the album year - like this 2008-2
However - Squeezebox refuse to read more than the first 4 digits.

On MP3 files it is the same problem - in addition it seems that unless I us ID3v2.4 UTF8 the YEAR won't be read at all???

Is it possible to solve this someway?

Grateful for any help!


The standard says that the field YEAR is only a 4-digit-number. So no luck with any extentions like month or so.
If yu need a more elaborate date, use RELEASETIME which has year, month, day, hour, minute, second.

Sometimes you find the field DATE but this is displayed by hardly any device at all.
But this probably applies to RELEASETIME as well. Shame, really.

Sorry to have to ask - but I can see no RELEASETIME tag column in MP3TAG. Do I have to make one?
Of so - could you pont me to somewhere telling how to?


Quite right, the default installation does not show such a field/column.
To create a new column proceed as follows:
Right-click on a column header so that you get the context menu with the function "Columns..."
In the subsequent dialogue click on "New".
Enter a decent name for the column (column header)
Enter for value: %releasetime% (this defines what you can see in the column)
Enter for field: %releasetime% (this defines in which field you want to save the input. If you leave this empty, the column becomes read-only)
Do not tick "Numeric".
On the left of the dialogue you see between which existing columns the new column will appear if you enable it. Use the arrow buttons on the right of the dialogue to move the column to the where you want to have it.
Click OK to finish the definition.

The field RELEASETIME expects data in this format:

Thanks again.
I was able to copy the YEAR tag including the month into RELEASETIME and add dummy data for day and time to get the right format.

Somehow I'm not able to have Logitech media Server recognize the new data though...

... but that's probably more a Squezbox problem than an MP3TAG problem - or could it have something to do with mapping of data?

You have to check if the player can show the field.
And this may vary considerably even for standard fields, not to mention user-defined fields.
E.g.: iTunes does not show language, Windows Media player does not show BPM ...
And no: you do not have to map any fields to others ...

Thanks again for solving my MP3TAG problem then :slight_smile: