Clarification on "Only days you’re using the app are counted."


I downloaded Mp3tag a little over a week ago and it told me I would have 7 days to try it out, where only the days I was actually using it would be counted toward this. I opened up a folder and added some tags, and quit the app.

Today I went to open it again and it is telling me that my trial is now over. Did I misunderstand the "Only days you’re using the app are counted." portion of the advertisement?

No, you didn't misunderstand anything – it's exactly how the days are counted. I can't explain why it didn't work for you — it's also the first time I'm hearing this. Have you changed anything on your system (restored from backup, system time, ...)?

I'm also constantly running a trial version to make sure the mechanism works and can confirm it's working correctly.

Thanks for your response. To answer your question, it is a brand new MacBook with a fresh start, so no restoring (even if it was restored, I have never downloaded/used this program before), nor has there been any tampering with the system clock.

Just to add, I am on macOS Monterey on a 2021 MacBook Pro (M1 Pro). I am also in the US East time zone. I can also provide any files or screenshots if that would help. Looking forward to resolving this. Thanks.

OK, thanks for the details. Unfortunately, I cannot really guide you through the process of prolonging the trial — without giving a general explanation on how to circumvent any limitations.

What I can offer is download link via private message to an unrestricted beta version that is working for a specified timeframe (e.g., the next 7 days).

How much time would you estimate to need for evaluating Mp3tag?

Hi, just 7 days is fine. Don't want to get any special treatment. I'll watch out for the PM.

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Excellent! I've sent the link via PM.

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