Classical music fields

Can a field be added for the composer information? I believe Windows files property for music files has a place to enter the composer name (right click on any music file and there is a "Composer Field" on the Details tab). Also a "Conductor Field".

There is also a field named "Part of a compilation" this would be extremely useful for classical music as well. Another idea to add "Album Artist" and "Contributing Artists"

Album Artist would be for a performer: "Wynton Marsalis"

Album Artists would be for and ensemble, group: "Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra"

I realize the program cannot be "everything for every user", but to be "universal" the program needs to address Classical music collectors. Even a separate version of the program - one designed specifically for Classical music is an idea. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Could you check out the help first?
There you find a list of supported fields:

Also: if you want to ask for features, then please use the forum section of the General discussion

You can make up your own fields. But then you might have a problem with some players / file formats not being able to display them properly or even at all

Or you can put everything in one field but with though through some markers / delimiters like e.g. conducting / conducted by / cond. to know that what follows is the name of the person conducting the orchestra or ensemble [followed then by another marker / section]

For the conductor there is the field CONDUCTOR,
see the help on the list of supported fields: