Classification field (WMP) in Mp3tag is not imported

Hi, I've read FAQS, documentation and some threads but I can't arrive to have a value in WMP rating field.
My Windows Media Player (field classification) shows stars
In Mp3tag I've added column WMP Rating (%rating wmp%) and checked numbers but nothing appears.
What Ican do?
Here a screenshot:

does it work the other way round?
I think there is a setting in WMP to adopt the global ratings... Perhaps WMP stores the ratngs (just like iTunes does) only in its database.

What kind of files are these? MP3? MP4?

Also, it might be a good idea to open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and see if WMP has stored any ratings in the file.

Thank you for the answer.
If I write a number (4 for example) in Rating WMP column what I have written simply disappears.
They are all MP3 files.
Here is the extended tags dialogua ALT-T

Check Tools>Options>Tags>Enhanced whether you have ticked "Always show popularimeter". See if toggling that option makes a difference for you.

Yes, is checked. I really don't know what to do.
Windows Media Player is the default program in Windows 11.
I thought Mp3tag could easily shows tags :frowning:

I've unchecked it and all is ok now, I can see numbers in Raring WMP field !!!
Thank you very much for your advices !!!