Clean up folders and fix tag filename problem + cue


question 1:

Everyone know, after you download a mp3 album you get a lot of files in the folders. sfv, nfo, m3u and sometimes .jpg images and other files.

When I´m finished tagging all my albums I want to remove all files in the folders except "folder.jpg" and recreate a new .sfv and m3u file based on the new tag.

Can mp3tag manage this or do you need to create a seperate batch file ?

question 2:

When I have a 2CD VA album and the tagging is finished, sometimes I want to rename the filename based on (discnr, tracknr, artist, title).

In this case I have 2 disc album and the track number would for exampel be 1 - 40 totally (Disc 1 / 1 - 20) (Disc 2 / 20 - 40)

Here is my function

$validate($replace(%discnumber%$num(%track%,2)-$lower(%artist%-%title%), ,),)

When i autotag this with my function the result will be


It should be:


I don´t how to fix this, for now I´m reseting the track counter manually on disc 2 track to 1 - 20, run my filename function, and then manually reset it to 20 - 40.

Really pain in the ass :slight_smile:

question 3:

For now I´m using foobar to split mp3 albums to single tracks with .cue files. Can mp3tag do the same job ?

I prefer single tracks, beacuse some of my mp3 players can´t handle .cue ...for examle my Ipod.

How are the rest of you working with albums containing .cue files ?