Clean-up personal drop-down list


After logging in, there is a button (link) in the upper right hand corner showing the user's profile picture. Mousing over displays the username.
Clicking on that button displays a list of other links.

I would like to be able to control that list so that links that do not interest me are not shown.
For example, I don't want to see links to my Badges. (I can go to my Profile to see them, if I want.)

The list seems to be associated to Notifications: when I click the "more button" (down arrow) at the bottom, the "Notifications" section of my Profile is opened.
The list also shows "New Topics". I would prefer that once I have looked at a topic, it is removed from the drop down-list and from the list of Notifications.

Is there some way to control what is shown in the personal drop-down list?


I've checked and it's not possible to fine-tune the contents of the notification list.

If you're looking for a way to see your new topics, you can also navigate to /new to get a list that is updated once you've visited a topic that is listed there.


Thanks for checking.

I prefer to use "Latest" because the entries remain even when the font changes after they are visited.

But if the drop-down list cannot be fine-tuned, I would prefer to have the Log Out button at the top of the list instead of the bottom, or on the top toolbar beside the Profile picture, so that it is more easily accessible.


I understand that there must be a reason for you to logout quite frequently (maybe due to a shared computer or other concerns). However, I'm not going to mess with the Discourse default in this regard (Discourse is the forum software I'm using here).

If you want to quickly logout you can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + ZShift + Z.