Cleaning Down Tags to just ID3v2

Would it be a bad idea to remove all multiple tag formats and standardise down to just the mp3tag default.(id3v2-16)

all my hardware plays this version.

i am thinking there is less room for confusion, the data is tidier and possibly quicker to build libraries? + it helps with the OCD.
I do have some flacs which i will just leave alone.

anything i might have not thought of before i go ahead?

Anytime you have two or more versions of the same data there's always the problem of trying to keep the data in sync, so yes it would simpler if you only had ID3v2.3 tags on your files.

As long as all of the hardware and software you use doesn't need ID3v1 tags then get rid of them. If you ever need them in the future it's easy to recreate them with Mp3tag.

thanks for advice.
backed up, sorted by tag format,selected all mp3s and hit far so good.