cleaning newly ripped folder with 300 albums


Just finalized ripping 300 CD's and now would like to add tags, art and lyrics-

What workflow should I use?


I hope that you have used a ripper that already inserts some of the tag fields. Or that it created some meaningful file names so that you can convert the filename to tags.

Because: If you do not know which album (from which artist) you try to tag then all half-automatic scripts will have no point to start with.
Have a look around the web sources (already delivered with the MP3tag installation and also in the forums section web sources) to find tools to extract information.

I have the structure of Artist/Album/track-Title in the folders.

Is that a good starting point for automatically getting the rest?


Depends. If you have really nothing in the tags then you can use the converter
You have to enter a mask to tell MP3tag where to put which data. If your path description is correct, then a mask like this should work:

If you want to leave out certain data then replace the field variable with the variable %dummy%. E.g. if you have already filled TITLE then the mask could look like this:

The dialogue has a preview so that you can see which data will end up in which field. If you see garbage there, then have a look at the real sequence of data: every blank and hyphen counts.
Modify the mask until it is right.

For the tags and cover art I would suggest: Take a look at the MusicBrainz Webscripts. With the help of this scripts you can tag your tracks with a lot of informations. For the lyrics you could use this tool: [WS] MusicBrainz XML Webservice