"Cleaning" tags

Hey everybody,

I've been using Mp3tag for a while now, and was wondering if it would be good to "re-tag" all my mp3s again with the latest stable version. It seems like there have been many bugs fixed with the tag libraries, including the addition of UTF support not too long ago. And I was thinking that it might be good to erase the current ID3v1&2 tags and rewrite them all (using the ID3v2.3 UTF-16 option). Is this a good idea? Is it as simple as loading my entire mp3 collection into Mp3tag, "select all" and click the save button? Will running an action to "remove all fields except" (the main ones) do the trick? I currently have the option set to remove ID3v1&2 tags first, so is that all that needs to be done?

Two more questions:
-Is there any way to remove the Lyrics 3v2 tag? I have very few mp3s with those tags, but it'd be nice to remove them anyway, since they're essentially useless.

-What's the name of the field that the album art is stored under? I'd like to keep that field...

Thanks for the help and the awesome program.



You can run an action to "remove fields", or you can select all files and via menu View Tags.., mark UNSYNCEDLYRICS and select remove.

What about the ID3v2 tag field name, not the Mp3tag scripting name (or are they interchangeable)? I'm writing an action to "remove all fields but...", and it asks me for a list of tag fields separated by semicolons.

Read this.

It's picture not %_covers%

You remove them by removing the ID3v1.

What about my original question? Will loading up all my mp3s (tagged with various older versions of Mp3tag) and re-saving them clean them up? Florian?

You can simply select all files and click on the :mt_save: button.

awesome, thanks.

I'm having some problems cleaning my tags, I've tried "removing all fields except", selecting all files and saving but I can't seem to get rid of ID3v1, Lyrics3v2 and APEv2 in certain files (all mp3). Under the "Tag" field I get "ID3v2.4 (ID3v1 Lyrics3v2 ID3v2.4 APEv2)
My settings are (under Tag > Mpeg):


  • ID3v1
  • ID3v2


  • ID3v2 only
  • ID3v2.4 UTF-8


  • ID3v1
  • ID3v2
  • APE

This action is meant for the removal of tag fields and not tag types.

To remove tag types you must use File > Remove tag [Ctrl+R]
This removes the tag types you have selected in Tags > Mpeg > "Remove"

Thanks dano, it worked just like you said.

oh and merry xmas!

I just had to set up and action that included not stripping this among other tags, and noticed that this tag wasn't listed in the MP3tag ID3v2 / WMA tag fields help page here.

Is that something that anyone thinks out to be added there?


Also: I haven't been able to find any information on getting MP3tag to report which encoder was used to compress the audio. There's an ENCODEDBY tag that is reported. But that frequently just reports the software that was used to encode the file, like 'Exact Audio Copy' or 'iTunes'.

But dpoweramp and my Gearvolt tagging software reports an ENCODER tag that reports which encoder and version was used to compress the audio, like 'LAME 3.97' or 'LAME 3.92'.

I don't see this in either MP3tag's 'Properties' or 'Extended Tags' reports.

Have I missed something?


No, encoder detection is not supported by Mp3tag.

I'll add it to the section which describes the action since it only applies there.

Okay... Thanks for the feedback. I have those other ways to determine it. I really don't know if this is anything anyone else imight be looking for.


It has been requested several times already. But it's very time consuming to implement something like that: there is no standardized format for storing encoder information so everything works by analyzing the files and identify characteristic patterns for specific encoders (or versions of encoders).

It's simply nothing that I find interesting and valuable enough to spent so much time working on it.

Looking at one MP3 in a hex editor, I noticed there didn't seem to be a defined tag before the LAME entry. From what you say, it makes sense that the process of detecting the encoder isn't a simple task.