cleaning up tags / vorbis comments in flac

I have a lot of flac files that have been tagged with vorbis comments. In the tag field of mp3tag some of my files are marked FLAC (FLAC) or even FLAC (FLAC FLAC).

Is this because multiple vorbis comments have been added for the same tags (I can see that is the case for some of my files using the Tag application that comes with the flac from sorceforge). If so what is the easiest way for me to clean these up?

How can I easily ensure that there are no id3 tags (should these show up in the tag column)? Does the Remove mp3 / ape id3V2 tag options remove these tags for flac files also?

Finally, does anyone have a good solution to enable flac comments in WMP on Vista?


FLAC (FLAC) is the normal case where FLAC is displayed and the file only contains Vorbis Comments (FLAC). But I've never seen the latter case.

ID3v2 Tags are also listed in this column.

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