Cleanup the drop-down menus in the Converter?

I've been using MP3Tag for a long time and even consider my setup to be essential. However, there's things within it that... "appeared" while I was doing mass retagging a long time ago and I want to make cleaner and keep things I need.

The Converter is in a mess...

(click any to enlarge)

Yeah. That's a mess. I either want to clean them out or keep only those I care about. I know about the .cfg file in AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag but it doesn't seem to be easily editable.

Can you guys help me out?

I do not think that the cfg-file is meant for external editing.

To the right of the drop-down lists, you find a button with an arrow on it.
This button hides a litle menu where you can choose if you want to delete the current entry or all of them.
That is about all there is for cleaning up the list.

I feel stupid. >.<
I had this arrow in my face for so long that you forget that you can click for more options.

Well, thanks. It's all cleaned up now.