Clear all path history from "Directory" on the Tag Panel

It would be very helpful to have an option in Tools>Options e.g. under General or Directories or Tag Panel, to clear in one go all the path history from the Tag Panel Directory box. It's tedious to have to remove each entry one-by-one using Shift+Del, especially when a long list has developed. Clicking on an entry to remove it also starts loading all the files in the directory before it can be deleted. Is there another alternative?

AFAIK the list has a maximum of 10 entries.
If you do not like to see any folder history, then hide the directory field from the tag panel. You could then add further files and folders from the Windows Explorer via drag&drop and also with the functions from the File menu.
Otherwise there is not way to edit the folder list.

The directory field in the tag panel is very useful for repeat access but even with a maximum of 10 it gets clogged up with no-longer-needed entries. And it's not a question of wanting to edit the folder list, it's just the option to delete all the entries in one go. If there is coding to add an entry, is coding to remove entries so difficult?