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Perhaps a simple question: when I have finished tagging files and want to tag files in another folder, either I have to add the next folder to the existing by clicking on "add directory" or I have to close mp3Tag, reopen it and than add the new folder.
Is there a way of clearing the files shown than adding another folder/files ?



Either [CTRL+D] or the fourth icon from the toolbar.


Hello Sebastian,

Thanks that worked. Before this I had saved a new configuration and applied the reg file as stated. Now, everytime I open mp2Tag it loads all 400 songs. Can I load or reset the configuration that it opens with an empty screen ?



You can configure MP3Tag not to load tags at directory change (this implies reading the tags at program start-up) or you can simply tell it to start in a folder which doesn't contain audio files. All this in the general settings.