Clear and restore tags

New here so not sure if this has been asked already.

As my collection of music files have been accumulated from various sources and most have multiple tag versions attached to them, would it be possible to have an action/macro that removes the tags and then restores them without having the ok dialogs appearing?

At the moment I do ctrl+a, ctrl+r, click yes on the dialog, wait for the tags to be removed, click ok on the confirmation dialog then do ctrl +z and wait for the tags to be restored.

When I have files on removable media, the time taken to do this increases considerably.

Would it be possible to add this as a menu choice in the program?

You could check
and see if disabling one of the options gets you the right amount of responses.

Thank you. That removes the dialogs but I still have to press crtl +A, ctrl + R and ctrl +Z.
Is there any way of running these three commands from an action/macro, so I can run it unattended?

You can set in the Options whether you want to select all files when loading them - so this may leave out the Ctrl-A.
For the other manipulations there is no action.

Thanks. I'll have to look at another way of doing it.