Clear composer from title


How to clear the composer's name (already in %COMPOSER%) from %TITLE% ?


You'll need to supply a little more information then that. So the composer is displayed in the title, eh? What's it look like:

Title (Composer)
Composer - Title
Title - Composer

This information will aid in someone helping you with this problem. :wink:


The title contains the composer's name at the beginning, separator is a mix of spaces, commas, and/or dashes. (There may be something before composer , but I can delete that)
e.g. :
Stravinsky - Song of the Nightingale - I. Presto
Chopin - Préludes
313 - Schumann - Cello Concerto in A minor - I. Nicht zu schnell
Brahms: Clarinet Quintet - Con Moto

I guess I have to delete (="replace regular expression" by nothing) the characters before the first dash (+dash and space after) ? but don't know what exactly write for that !


So, what is the regular expression for selecting the characters before a ...dash (for instance) ?


Stravinsky - Song of the Nightingale - I. Presto
Song of the Nightingale - I. Presto

  • Thanks a lot !