Clear Empty Cue Sheets

I have been reorganizing my music folders for more doing so I am working off a backup of my original music folder however in moving these files I now have numerous empty playlists that Itunes and Musicbee show as existing but are completely empty. Is there a way to pull playlists into MP3Tag in volume to see which ones are empty and remove/delete them rather than having to go through each one individually to remove them?

This may not be a question for this forum and may be one that needs to be directed to either the MusicBee or Itunes forum however with the incredible functionality of this program I would expect that there might be some way...If not could I make a recommendation to add it ...if it is possible that is...

Edit next morning:
I delete my original post as I answered with playlists in mind and not cue sheets.
What I wrote about playlists may be true but is utter rubbish in respect to cue sheets. Sorry, can't say anything helpful about cue sheets.

Thank you for the quick response as per usual ohrenkino...your insight is appreciated and I will attempt your suggestion.