Clear tags/embed art/Id3v2 to v1

I'm completely new to mp3Tag, I was looking to use it in conjunction with musicbrainz picard or similair.

Specifically I'd like to tag a group of folders with a seperate musicbrainz program, then have mp3Tag:

(1) completely clear all tags apart from a specified few (album, album-artist, artist, title, year etc),
(2) embed folder.jpg to the files, and finally
(3) copy ID3v2 to ID3v1.

Any tips how to go about doing this? Preferably with as few clicks as possible, for masstagging sessions.

load all the files into mp3tag.
Select all files in the file list.
Press Alt-T to open the "Extended Tags" dialogue.
There you see a list of tags in the files.
Select one of the unwanted tags after the other and press the delete button for each.
Close the dialogue with OK which will delete the tags from the files

2 Ther is an Action that does just that - see the FAqs on how to create an action
3 you cannot copy id2 to id1 as id2 supports far more fields than id1. If you have set the read and write for ID1 and I2 in the options > Mpeg then id1 will be written anyway.

thanks. i think according to the faq i can achieve the 1st action by using "remove fields except". so i was hoping i could combine 'remove fields except' and 'import cover from file' into a single action performed on every mp3 in the folder (and subfolders) at once.

i guess i should just play around to see how this works :slight_smile:

It still remains two steps - but that is philosphical.
What you can do is create an action group that performs both actions if you call up the group.
So open the actions dialogue (Alt-1) and press the New button
Enter a decent name for the action like "brainz cleaner" :wink:
In the following sub-dialog press the new button again and create the "remove fields" action.
Press ok to save the "remove fields action.
Press the New button again and select "Import album art" as action, fill in the dialog and close it with OK.
Now the action group should contain 2 actions.
Save this action group with OK.

Whenever you call up "brainz cleaner" both actions will be carried out on the selected files one after the other.

that worked perfectly. thanks very much :slight_smile: