clearing comments tag

I have tried this software, but although it says the tag containing comments has been removed, it seems it has not. When opening the file in another program the comments are still there?

If you're deleting the content of the comment field, the comment gets removed from all tags that are enabled at Options > Tags > Mpeg. It's likely that your files contain more than one tag format where the unchanged one is displayed in the external application.

I have this same issue... I'm trying to erase the Comments section of the tags for all of my mp3s. I have all the fields set to except for the comments section which is set to . When I click File > Save Tag it appears to perform the wanted function. When I go to my mp3 folder in Windows explorer, it shows that all the files were "Last Modified" at the same, corresponding time. However, when I go the file properties of one of the mp3's, it still has text in the Comments section. When I restart the MP3TAG application, and select all, it shows that the Comments section is erased (the only two options in the pull-down menu being & ).

As for having multiple tags, all my mp3's are made up of 3 sections:

  1. ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)
  2. ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 IDEv2.3)
  3. ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 Lyrics3v2 ID3v2.3)

I'm more concerned with removing the Apple Serial text in the Comments section of some of my mp3s. Before I learned that Apple did that, I had used iTunes to convert some mp3s to a higher bit rate, but now most of them won't play right on my other PC's through iTunes. So is there a way to convert all my mp3s to the same tag and remove the unnecessary ones? Like if I wanted to remove "APEv2" & "Lyrics3v2" and just have all my mp3s with only ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 IDEv2.3)... is that possible?

Please help, I really like this application and don't want to have to start hunting around for a different tag editor to suit my needs. Thank you.

Please also check the files with menu "View > Extended Tags"
Special Apple comments are not shown in the standard comment field.
With "Apple Serial text" you probably mean the sound check volume normalization values.

If by sound check normalization values you mean:

" 0000204C 000021C5 00011E79 00010E05 00016E87 00016E87 00009640 000093F1 0002FD4E 000152AC"

or something similar written in the comment field of any mp3 iTunes generated.


so if i have removed these, what effect will it have?
I'm attemting to put my company name in the comments. 90% of my files convert ok, but the others, although they show ok in this program, when opened in PCDJ FX they still have the old comments in the field. If i right click the file and go properties advance, that also shows the old comments. This program however shows the new comments.

Just remove it and see.
iTunes can easily recalculate the data if it needs it.