CLI support for Filename to Title Tag?

I've been using mp2tag for a few years and am wanting to create a batch operation so I am not always opening the program, selecting the files and clicking on the filename -> to tag button. I just found out there was a CLI when reading the newest change-log today.

I see it has tag to filename, but not the opposite.

Is there a way to automate changing the Title Tag of my MP4 files to their Filename? (without extension)

Thanks, Bill

CLI support is limited to loading of files and directories. Mp3tag is designed to be a UI-based application, so any other support for command-line based tagging is unlikely to happen.

Bummer. There seems to be a real need for one. Maybe someone will write one. If I was a coder I would in a heart beat. Thanks, Bill

Someone has: :wink:

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