clicking on album art in MP3tag doesn't always expand

Sometimes I can double click and the album art expands in viewer window so I can see details better. Many times it does not, so I have to use explorer and go to folder and double click on the folder.jpg to expand and see details of my album cover.

I thought it may be due to either having the cover art embedded in the FLAC files, which it is, and I also have a folder.jpg in the album directory. I also thought it may be due to the size, but I'm not seeing anything consistent there either.

I sure need this to work, as I'm retagging all my 800+ classical albums now adding conductor, orchestra, disc num, publisher, soloist, etc. I can get most of this from zooming in on the cover.


It does not expand when the cover is embedded.

It sure would be handy, for those like me going back for re-tagging projects. Can I request? :slight_smile:


I also use art for tag information. Here's a workaround that may be more efficient:

  1. Access image files by right clicking on the image in the tag panel and choosing "Add cover...".
  2. When the dialogue window opens you can right click on any image file in the folder and open it with the Windows Explorer context menu. (Don't double click on the image in the dialogue window because that adds it to the selected audio file).
  3. Once you've opened the image, cancel the dialogue window.

Excellent, thanks for that. Much better than I was doing.

(I still wish that mp3tag would, at least, expand an external file like folder.jpg. Then if I have embedded, I could extract cover to view it. I like having the folder.jpg in the album dire anyway)