Clicking to edit a field

If you slow-double-click on a file on the file list to edit a field, and then click in the white area below to cancel editing, and then click on one of the fields of the same file again, it will go straight back into editing after 1 click instead of 2 clicks.

I recorded what I mean, seeing as it's not exactly clear:

Win 7 32-bit

Where is the bug?
First click: put focus on file
Second click start editing.
As Mp3tag (seems to) remember the last selected entry, the "put focus" click is not necessary any more.

That's different to every other file manager, usually after you clear focus you have to click twice again. The current way if you accidentally start editing and click away to cancel it, when you click back on the same file it starts editing again obviously.

Oh well, Acdsee also starts editing the filename immediately if you have clicked on it after you had the focus on a property (you have to leave the window part with the files, no selection is shown any more but if you click on the filename it enters editing mode at once).
And other programs do not allow any editing at all if you click on an attribute ...
As the behaviour is consistent in MP3tag I would consider this a speciality (at the most) but not a bug.
I admit that some MS products behave differently.

I see, no worries then.

I've fixed this issue with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.87f.

Thanks for reporting!

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