Clipboard -> tag

First of all, I love this program - one of the most useful and frequently used tools I own :slight_smile:

Second, a feature which would be helpful and I imagine simple to implement: Clipboard -> Tag. Basically exactly the same as Text File -> Tag, but use the clipboard rather than a text file :slight_smile:

I use the program for tagging a lot of live shows shared over Bittorrent, which for some reason hardly anybody bothers to tag or provide descriptive filenames. Usually there is a text file which includes the set list + other info. Currently I have to edit the text file, save it as a new tag file, then navigate to it in mp3tag to import. If the clipboard could be used as a source, I would just have to select the appropriate part of the file and import directly.

It would save me some time anyway :slight_smile:

I agree on everything - I love Mp3tag and probably use it more than any other program.
I also have the problem with textfiles from bittorrents; using the clipboard would be
very nice indeed...

I've made a small shortcut though, I have one standard tag file that I use all the time
and I copy the text info into that one, so I don't have to navigate to a new file every time.
I have it on my desktop.

But the clipboard would be great!


I love Mp3tag too and it is definitely one of the programs I use most. :slight_smile:

I would also like the "Clipboard -> Tag" function to be implemented as I sometimes use a script to generate the tag data and the fastest way to use the data in Mp3tag would be via Clipboard.

And instead of running the script in the WSH I would prefer to run it in the Internet Explorer. This is impossible now, because IE has no permissions to write to local files. But IE can write to the Clipboard.

Thanks! :music:


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