Cloud storage & Mp3Tag


I thought a lot about automatic synchronization application settings between their computers using cloud storage, and mp3tag itself has been able to download and upload the changed data, thereby making it possible to work on different computers with same settings. :slight_smile:

Please tell me how you look at this possibility? Do you like this idea? It would be difficult to implement?

I believe that this feature will be very useful, and many users need this.

i doubt that accessing loads of files via a telephone line on a remote server instead via a PCI-Bus on the local drive is really a good use case - at least for speed reasons.
It would be much wiser to do the tagging locally and then transfer the files back.
A scenario with repeated transfers between cloud and local PC due to repeated editing in a session looks to me like a less suitable workflow.

I don't quite understand you, you're talking about a telephone line? This refers to the DialUp?

So, my idea is primarily aimed at something that would set the application (in this case Mp3Tag) synchronized with cloud storage to choose from.

U got desktop, laptop, netbook, ultrabook and etc. with Windows, and u have to configure the application on each computer separately. With cloud storage and synchronization settings - it would be very easy.

Want to hear comments on the matter from the author of Mp3Tag.

Perhaps it's already there:
You can install MP3tag as a "portable" version:
Select just one of your PCs as setup PC.
Mount the remote file storage so that it behaves just like a drive.
Install MP3tag on that "portable" device (perhaps the cloud thingy).
Cut the connection to the "portable" device.
Uninstall MP3tag on the setup PC.

All the MP3tag files should now reside on the "portable" device. All settings an actions will now be stored there.

Yes, it's all good, but I'm not talking about dancing with tambourines, you know? :slight_smile:

I talking about cloud storages. We need to hear comments from the author, what he thinks about these API from Google, DropBox and others.